Meet our Members

  • LaDonna Kelly

    TOPAdviser: Your H.O.S.T. Defenders

    “We Defend the Users”
    • TOPAdviser Office Solutions provides full-service Home & Office Support Technology for individuals, professionals, and small offices. For Home Users: We specialize in making computers secure and easy to use for Seniors and their Families. For Small Businesses: We provide affordable technology solutions for offices between 1 and 49 employees. Employers: Ask us about our employee benefit package options. Let us eliminate of all your technology head-aches. Take our website poll to receive a $50 gift certificate, security and scam alerts, as well as our complementary “News From the Grid!”

    Phone: 785.228.1404


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  • Martie Rison

    Oddfellow’s Fine Books & Collectables

    We specialize in rare and collectible books. Among our inventory you will find rare books, antique maps, silver age comic books, ephemera, Topeka and Kansas history books, and more.

    Phone: 785-235-1181


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  • Deborah Dawkins

    Above All Books & Gifts

    Above All Books & Gifts sells predominantly religious merchandise, including books, videotapes and educational supplies. We also offer gift items such as mugs, T-shirts, hats and ties.

    Phone: 785-266-6107


  • Lori L Welch

    Personally Yours, Unique Gifts & Accessories For Any Occasion

    Whether you need a one of a kind gift, a unique business promotion or invitations and accessories for your upcoming event, Personally Yours has everything you need. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, fast turnaround times and quality products. Personally Yours features personalized candy bars, water bottles, invitations/announcements, personalized children's books and more!

    Phone: 785.357.0090


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  • Angel Zimmerman

    Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A.

    Collection Law firm – helping companies recover lost profit on delinquent account receivables.

    Phone: 785-357-0021


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  • Lyla Ralston Accardi

    Wedding Goddess

    Lyla writes the most amazing ceremonies. Her talent and imagination shine in each and every sentence. Lyla will provide you a ceremony that your guests will be talking about for years to come. Some can “do” a wedding but Lyla is a professional who works hard to truly make your wedding day your way, the day you deserve on this most wonderful day of your life. You will be most pleased with her services.
    • Weddings Performed
    • ReAffirmation Ceremonies
    • Same Gender Commitment Ceremonies
    • Any Time, And Day, Any Place

    Phone: 785.215.1296


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  • Shirley Kreipe

    Washburn Small Business Development Center

    • One-on-one Counseling
    • Small Business Seminars
    • Referral Service
    SE 6th Ave. Suite 100 #3 Townsite Plaza Topeka, KS 66603

    Phone: 785-234-3235


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  • Nancy Buckingham Harms

    CYLA Enterprises dba "Healthy and Wealthy and Wise"

    Phone: 785-554-9688


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  • Irene Redman

    Avenue Hair Styling & Day Spa

    We are a contemporary downtown salon that focuses on maintaining and improving the appearance and overall health of our clients. Our welcoming atmosphere invites people to relax and enjoy a day to celebrate. Our mission is to provide an environment where people can feel good about themselves at home and at
    Avenue Hair Styling & Day Spa Sign up for our monthly educational newsletter!

    807 S. Kansas Ave Topeka, KS 66612

    Phone: 785-233-5225


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  • Jolene L Lipprand

    Clean-Rite Janitorial Service & Supply, Inc.

    Our Topeka location provides janitorial supplies to businesses and individuals within a 30-mile radius. We have a store, which is open to the public that stocks a large selection of products, dispensers, and equipment from all major brands. We offer free delivery and no minimum order required. We are friendly and easy to work with!

    Phone: 785-230-5910


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  • Cheryl Lehnherr-Hjetland

    Independent Beauty Consultant

    • Complimentary Facials
    • Skin and Body Care
    • Color Cosmetics
    • Men’s Products
    • Sun Protection and Fragrances



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  • Pat Samson, MBA, CQA

    P.A.L. Quickbooks Technology, LLC

    P.A.L. QuickBooks Technology, LLC specializes in helping Small Business Owners set-up their QuickBooks and/or QuickBooks Point of Sale. Supporting QuickBooks software, such as cleaning up or correcting problems that have occurred.Training on QuickBooks Financial and Point of Sale.Also, other computer training.
    • Point of Sale

    Phone: 785-608-4318 / 785-234-4318


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  • Rebecca Miller

    Space for Life, LLC

    • Residential
    • Organizing
    • Small Business Organizing
    • Time Management
    • Presentations

    Phone: 785.224.4698


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  • Dorethy Hancock

    Center of the Rainbow, LLC

    The only Certified Practitioner of the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement who is located in the Midwest. I have studied with the founder, Fabien Maman, who scientifically researched, for over 30 years, the effects of sound on the human body. I began in 2007, taking the first-year 10 classes in Malibu, CA, in 3 increments; then the second-year classes in France, in a summer intensive. Subsequent Master Classes are in Malibu, and I go to those whenever I can. ("Tama Do" means "Way of the Soul;" see I provide a number of different healing techniques, affecting body-mind-and spirit, with the use of....
    • Tuning forks on meridian command points (like acupuncture, but non-invasive)
    • Sound tubes and color lights
    • Color silks & essences
    • Some protocols include hands-on energy work
    • Music and/or vocal toning
    A client's assessment determines which technique will be used. I charge $60 per session, which usually takes between one and two hours. My treatment room is in my home. Our bodies are made of energy: i.e., vibrational waves of sound and light. They heal themselves, if given a chance. It makes sense that the application of sound and light will assist the body to heal itself. Dorethy does not do the healing: one's own body does. She is just the provider of the tools to make it happen. Sessions are very relaxing, yet energizing. You might say it is a "massage with sound."

    Phone: 785-246-0860


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